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    Default Cloning, Hydro Style

    Marijuana Cloning: The Easy Way, Hydro

    My Grow Room, and the Mylar always seems to chant "clone us... clone us" Not to mention the faces that come out of the Mylar as well, every time I enter my grow room. OK, could it be the buzzing of HPS ballasts, the humming of fans, or maybe that huge Joint I just had. So you know, marijuana is one of the easiest plants to clone, so lets start cloning.

    Pic Below of The Mother Plant I Will Be Using

    If your mother plant is from seed, it should be at least 1 foot tall. But if you need lots of clones, let it get big. It pays to have patience sometimes. I can always find the room for a bigger plant.

    Rooting Medium

    As for this session, We will be using the EZ Clone System

    You can root in rockwool, perlite, sand, vermiculite, sunshine mixes, dirt, and even water. I prefer to use Peat because I have used it for so long.

    24 hours before cloning you should prepare your rooting medium by watering it with a mix of one liter of water and some horticultural fungicide (see the package for proper ratio of water to fungicide). Put the medium into a nursery tray. Put the tray in the clone room, 12" from the light source, which should be left on constantly.

    Taking the Clone

    Get a clean coffee cup, baby food jar, or other such container, and fill with water. Do not use hot water, cool tap water or distilled bottled water are recommended. Let tap water sit overnight to allow the chlorine to evaporate.You will also need, scissors, surgical scalpel ( at your grow shop ) and cloning gel, or cloning powder, Gel works best for me.

    Start your first cutting on the bottom branch. The cutting should be 2"-6" in length. You will leave the growing tip, a small leaf, and one or two larger leaves. Below the last leaf you will cut off more leaves 1/8" from the main stem (see diagram).
    Below the bottom leaf cut you should make a straight cut perpendicular to the stem. Immediately place the cutting into the container of water. This will prevent an air bubble from blocking the transpiration stream.

    Here is one cutting, in water waiting to be set.

    Here is an example of " Gingerly Scraping "the bottom cut.

    Now, Take one clone, dip in rooting hormone, generously coating 1/4" to 1/2" of the stem before inserting it into the hole in the medium.
    Push the clone in gently until it is 1/2" to 3/4" into the medium. Trickle a few drops of rooting hormone down the stem to ensure that it is set properly. Also its a good idea to GENTLY scrap the end, to allow more clone solution to penetrate the end, where the roots will form, pis below.

    Now, in the foam disk it goes, Almost there.

    And the finished Product.

    And after 9 - 15 days rooting, this is what you should see,

    Mist the clone again and put a foot away from the fluorescent light. Leave the light on constantly until the clones have rooted, which should take from one to four weeks. You can use a humidity cover or tent if you want to, but I don't use one.
    I mist my clones 3 times or so a day, and they root in 7 to 15 days.
    After roots start to appear, transplant the clone gently into whatever medium you have chosen to grow it in ( This Time In An Eazy Cloner ).

    Best Of Luck !


    Cloning, Using Rapid Rooters. ( same as Jiffy Pellets )

    SO, first step is you want to pre-soak your Rapid Rooters for 15 min, in 6 Liters of, Water. You will want to put, 1/10th Bloom solution in with the water, and a Half Drop of super thrive. If you don't have that water will work fine as well.

    You should have your Donor cuttings in water at this point, as well as your cloning gel - powder. It is the same as in , Cloning, Hydro Style, Look there, and follow ALL the steps, but leave OUT the EZ Clone.

    So lets begin with a cutting.

    Now, lets take the Rapid Rooter, out of the water, and give a gental squeeze, to lose around 60% of the water, careful that its not to wet, nor to dry.

    Now we will apply a generous portion of Cloning Gel, or Powder.

    Next step is, Place a pen inside the Rapid Rooter hole, as to make it a touch bigger for the Coated end. Do not force it, if needed remove the Stem, and make the hole bigger, then slide it back in gently, but firm, so there is no " wiggle " at the top . When done, place in your Dome ( at your growers store )

    Now, a Dome Lid, fits over top. I recommend, take the dome off 20 min the first day, 40 min the second, and 1 hour 3rd day, hour and a half 4th day, and on day 6, remove the lid completely, misting with water, 3 times daily until roots have formed. They also must be under a very weak light source, a couple of T5's would work great. And don't forget the moister level in your Rapid Rooters. As heat is concerned, a heat mat under the entire dome is a good idea, as long as the are not getting to HOT, so check your Rooters with every mist, add some, take some water away if needed. That step is SO important as that environment MUST be in the Zone, or they will not root.

    This Is The Dome, Being Placed Over top a Freshly planted Cut.

    And its that simple!

    Best of luck.

    Credit For Pics Go To White Widow Man, and Other Credit is Coming.
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